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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is RevenuePlanet? is an Affiliate Network dedicated to promoting our original games and entertainment to online bingo and casino players.
Are there any costs to sign–up?
No. There are no initial costs or ongoing costs to participate in our Program.
How does this program work?
1st Step – Join us today and fill in your contact details. Tell us about yourself and how you will promote our brands. Once approved, you will have instant access to our brands and marketing material and most importantly your traffic and real time statistics.
2nd Step – Once you log in to your new affiliate account you will be able to upload our banners and/or text links to your website. The tracking link you place on your website will contain your unique affiliate id which enables us to track the traffic generated from your marketing activity. If the visitor from your website opens up a player account at one of our brands, any sale that you generate as a results of you sending our merchants traffic via your marketing efforts will be fully credited to your affiliate account and will be reflected at the traffic statistics.
3rd Step – Monitor your account and check out how much you have earned.
4th Step – Get paid for the traffic earnings you deliver!
Who powers your software tracking solution? is powered by MyAffiliates, an Affiliate marketing software provider with a niche service tailored to iGaming Affiliates. With five years experience working with leading brands in the entertainment and leisure industry, MyAffiliates has become the leader in affiliate marketing software. Working with a proven industry leader gives our affiliate partners the confidence and security they require to build a long term business with our network.
How do I track my earnings?
We provide all affiliates and referrers with password–protected access to our Affiliate Reporting System. Here, our affiliates can view their statistical records, evaluate their progress and optimize their performance with our program.
Do you have more than one brand to promote?
We have several exciting brands to promote including Bingo Billy and more brands to come.
Where can I download banners?
Just log into our website with the details we sent you in your activation email. There you will find access to text and image banners you can use to promote our sites.
What commission will I earn?

Join today and start earning the most Competitive Performance Scale in the Industry!

You earn higher commission percentages based on your monthly sales performance.
Net Sales Based Revenue Share -Revenue Level -Required New Funded Customers per Month
Net Sales of $0–$10,000 30% Commission 1
Net Sales of $10,001–$20,000 35% Commission 2
Net Sales of $20,001+ 40% Commission 3
Net Revenue Formula: Gross Sales – less – cash outs – less – player charge backs and processing fees of 10%
(Charge backs are rare and unpredictable. On average 1.5% is typical in a given month and not always associated with your player traffic)

How often are reports updated?
Reports are updated in real time.
How often do I get paid?
We pay our affiliates once per month, on the 15th business day of the month for the previous month’s earnings.
What support do you provide?
We provide a dedicated affiliate manager for your account who is available online from 9am–5pm EST as well as off hour email support. Live chat/telephone support is coming soon.
How does the tracking work?
Our software providers assign a cookie to all referrals, but these cookies are only assigned once the visitor joins the program. The tracking of a referral is affected by the Affiliate ID that is present in your link and the visitor ID that is attached to the visitor when accessing the website.
This visitor ID is linked to your Affiliate ID and the cookie that is saved to the visitor’s computer upon their joining the program. Once registered, their new Affiliate ID is then permanently linked to yours, and as such, you will be paid in terms of their revenue generated for as long as they keep playing.
Can I receive commission for signing up as a player?
Unfortunately we do not allow affiliates or their immediate family to be eligible to become real money players under your affiliate ID. In this case, you will not be eligible to receive the relevant commission. “Relative” means any of the following: spouse, partner, child or sibling. If you’d like to test the accuracy of the system please notify us in advance and we will refund your money whether you win or lose. If we notice any affiliate in partnership with players on the site we may on occasion ban these players permanently from the network. Start Getting Paid Today